FICMA: when reality surpasses fiction”

The International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA) was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1993 and has been held every year since then without exception.

The FICMA is the longest running environmental film festival in the world. It is the only environmental film festival to hold competitions which do not accept productions that are more than a year old. This places it ahead of other festivals of this type. The FICMA is an internationally recognized festival and in the year 2000 received the Princes’ Award (a European Community prize awarded by the European Agency for the Environment of the EC and the Princes’ Award Foundation).

The FICMA has given the cinema an important role in educating, raising awareness and informing, at the same time as entertaining. The FICMA up-holds and defends the idea that “the environment is a human right”, a common good that has a great relevance and importance for our life and that of the planet. Ecology, culture, economics, migrations, wars, the widespread felling of forests and social issues, amongst many many others, are the essence of why this festival was created and continues to thrive until the present day.



This regulation is in force from the beginning of FICMA, and it regulates the participation in the
20th International Environmental Film Festival that will be held in Catalonia, in the city of Barcelona
from November 4th -10th, 2013 .
The festival is open to any natural or legal person, of any age, who has productions completed
after January 1st, 2012. If anyone wants to submit a work completed before the aforementioned date, it
can only be submitted to the International Focus section. If the film is a worldwide premiere or it has not
yet been released in Spain, it can also be submitted to the Premiere section.
The subject of the films or videos must be the environment. Environment understood as being the sum of
everything that surrounds us and how it affects and imposes conditions on our life circumstances in
special. This includes all natural, social and cultural values that influence life on our planet at a given
moment and place. That is, not only the space where we find life but the living beings, objects, water,
earth, air and the relations between them, as well as such intangible elements as culture, that take place in
that space. The categories and sections included are:
(Productions completed after January 1stt, 2012)
• DOCUMENTARY (more than 56 minutes)
• DOCUMENTARY SHORT (less than 56 minutes)
• SHORT FILMS (animation included)
b) PREMIERE Worldwide premiere or Catalonia premiere
(Documentary, feature film, short film and animation)
c) FOCUS*1
*1 FOCUS: This non-competitive section is open to documentaries and fictions on current issues and/or of
general interest. Any documentary, regardless of its production date, may be entered in this section.
Documentaries entered in the official section in competition may also be entered in this section by ticking the
corresponding box on the entry form.

There is no entry fee. The deadline for entry submissions is June 5th, 2013, 00:00.
Submission must include:
1. Entry form correctly completed and SIGNED.
2. A SNAPSHOT and a PROMOTIONAL POSTER of the film / video, on a CD-R in JPEG format, at 300
Or by e-mail at: entry@ficma.com
3. Brief synopsis in Word or txt format
4. Screening copy for selection on DVD or VHS PAL format and a trailer of the film if available.
5. A photo and filmography of the Film Director
6. If the preview DVD is not in Catalan or Spanish, please send a copy of the dialogues in Catalan,
Spanish or English. Preferably in Word and/or Txt format, on CD-R or by e-mail at: entry@ficma.com
where you will be able to send the movie more conveniently than through postal service. (We recommend
this option)

The Environmental Film Festival SEMBRANDO CINE 2013 is now open for entries.
The Peruvian non-profit organization, Nomadas, invites you to submit your film and participate in the V Environmental Film Festival “SEMBRANDO CINE 2013”, which will be held in the city of Lima and other Peruvian towns and cities and will be divided in two stages:

1. From April 20th to the 23rd, and coinciding with the International Earth Day, the festival will be in parks of Lima and movie theatres of Lima and the provinces.
2. From June 1st to the 7th, and coinciding with the World Environment Day, “SEMBRANDO CINE” will be in movie theatres in Lima, and, all through June, it will travel to parks in different towns and cities of Peru.

Our goal is to create a space for showcasing, exchanging and reflecting on ideas –transmitted through fiction films and documentaries – that will build awareness about the importance of taking care of the environment and about the current issues that are affecting it.
During 4 days in April and 20 days in June, the audience will enjoy and will be moved by the best environmental films from all over the world.

“SEMBRANDO CINE 2013” will be in movie theatres in Lima and the rest of the country. A 7 meter tall inflatable screen will be installed in 6 parks of different districts of the Peruvian capital city and in 15 parks of different towns and cities. The entrance will be free of charge for everyone. Multiple ecological, artistic and academic activities, which will encourage people to take action in protecting the environment, will also be held during the festival.

DEADLINE FOR FILM AND ENTRY FORMS SUBMISSION (Latest date of postmark) – March 17, 2013


1. Any natural person or legal entity can participate, individually or collectively, of any nationality and with no age limit.
2. Only films that have been finished after January 1st 2011 can be submitted, but any of them may have been already released and/or part of other festivals and contests.
3. Only the person or entity which owns the rights of the film may enter and submit a film. The participant holds full responsibility for the truthfulness of this fact.
4 .Each participant may enter and submit more than one film, but it is required to fill out one entry form per film.
5. Documentary, fiction and/or animation films may be entered and submitted, and they may be of any length.
6. The films must be originally in Spanish or with subtitles in Spanish.
7. By entering a film the participant authorizes the film’s free screenings within the festival and renounces to any economical retribution for this concept. The films selected by the festival, and which have been correctly submitted, cannot be removed from the festival’s program.
8. The organizing committee of the festival will be able to use still images or up to 3 minutes of fragments of the film in any print, electronic or audiovisual media promoting the festival. If the film’s length is under 30 minutes, the fragments used will not exceed in 10% of its length.
9. The DVDs received for SEMBRANDO CINE 2013 can be used in other environmental or cultural screenings held by NOMADAS, with permission of the owner of the film’s exhibition rights.

download here


Entries are free of charge and will be open until MARCH 17 2013.
To enter a film you must:
1. Download the festival entry form available here. (doc format).
2 .A fully completed entry form per film you wish to submit must be submitted by email to the following address: info@nomadasperu.com.
3. Submit by regular mail the following material:
– One COPY OF THE FILM in DVD format (NTSC or PAL)
– One CD with; at least three high-resolution digital film stills and one high-resolution digital photo of the film director. Minimum requirements: 2000 pixels wide, 600 kb, 300 dpi. Preferably jpeg.
Press kits and other promotional materials are welcome.

4.The submission of a film will be complete one all the material required has been received at the NOMADAS offices.
5.The material required must be in an package marked: NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY and submitted to this address:

Asociación Nómadas
San Ignacio 430, Urb. Cahuache.
San Luis, Lima 30

6.The costs of transport and submission of all material to the festival office is responsibility of the participant. We recommend certified or recommended regular mail. Nevertheless, if transportation is done by courier, we require that the exact weight be marked on the package. The declaration of an estimated or inexact weight will result in the imposition of a fine by the Peruvian Customs to the addressee.
7.By submitting and entry form for a film, the applicants accept these regulations for SEMBRANDO CINE.

Download an entry form here.
For more information:



MAY 30 – JUNE 5, 2013

• Local premieres of 40 new independent films from around the world
• Q&As, panels and workshops with filmmakers and experts
• Free community screenings
• Work-in-progress presentations
• Eco-art installations
• Parties and networking events

Join us for the 3rd San Francisco Green Film Festival, May 30 – June 5, 2013 – the West Coast’s leading destination for groundbreaking and compelling films on the urgent environmental issues of our time.

This year’s Festival includes local premieres of 40 films from around the globe, with 70 visiting filmmakers and guest speakers. The festival will also feature special events, parties, panels and educational programs, inviting festival attendees to get involved and take action with environmental causes important to them. Themes at this year’s festival include energy, green chemistry, food, housing, fashion, water use, and art in the environment. The Festival’s Closing Night celebrations, June 5, 2013, take place on the United Nations’ World Environment Day.

Screenings and events will take place at the New People Cinema, 1746 Post Street in Japantown, and other local venues, including SPUR Urban Center, San Francisco Public Library, and the David Brower Center in Berkeley.

EcoCup Environmental Film Festival is the only film festival in Russia that introduces the best foreign environmental films to the Russian audience.
Why is EcoCup unique? Because it is a synthesis of creative approaches that connect the concept of ecology to our personal lives.
It gives young directors, photographers and writers the chance to get involved in the global environmental movement. These films do not merely state the facts and show the problems, they enable discussion, making plans, targeting of events, taking action and, of course, the creation of new films.

Purposes and Objectives
– Attracting attention to environmental issues with new film formats
– Showing the world’s best environmental movies.
– Finding new creative forms for ecological topics.
– Showing that environmental protection is an important topic in the present and for the future.
– Uniting all those who are working in the green sector.
– Providing inspiration for new green initiatives. Big evening screenings

Cinema provides an opportunity to see the solution. Good ideas spread at the speed of sound. One screening becomes a repeatedly falling drop or …vital EcoCup.



Call for entries

The Festival is open to the registration of fiction movies, long or short film documentaries for the various sections – competitive and non-competitive, according to the environment theme.

Cine’Eco intends to continue to be a space to show the best films and videos from around the world, focusing on environmental issues, with the intention to create awareness, provide discussion, enhancing knowledge and deepen the need for urgent changes in the behavior of people, governments and companies, in order to preserve the planet.




Complete information, registration form and regarding eligibility is available: www.cineecoseia.org

For more information:



19th International Environmental Film Festival Serra da Estrela

Casa Municipal da Cultura de Seia

Av. Luís Vaz de Camões,

6270 484 Seia – Portugal

Tel. + 351 238 310 293 Mobile. + 351 96 486 25 21





O Festival, que decorre em Seia de 5 a 12 de outubro de 2013, está aberto à inscrição de filmes de ficção, documentários em longa ou curta-metragem para as suas várias secções competitivas e não-competitivas, de acordo com os temas de ambiente.
O Cine’Eco pretende continuar a ser um espaço onde passam os melhores filmes e vídeos feitos em todo o mundo, com foco nas questões ambientais, para criar consciência, provocar o debate e ampliar o conhecimento e a aprofundar a necessidade de mudanças urgentes no comportamento das pessoas, governos e empresas, a fim de preservar o planeta.

FECHO DAS INSCRIÇÕES: 15 de Julho de 2013



Informação completa, ficha de inscrição e candidatura, disponíveis em: www.cineecoseia.org

Para mais informações:


19º  Festival  Internacional  de  Cinema  Ambiental

da  Serra  da  Estrela

Casa  Municipal  da  Cultura  de  Seia

Av.  Luís  Vaz  de  Camões,

6270 484  Seia  – Portugal

Telf.  + 351 238  310  293      Tlm. +351  96  486  25  21